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Menu options for Olive ‘n Twist 2021


Olive ‘n Twist charges a non-refundable booking / venue fee. This fee is payed to confirm the booking / venue hire and is not deducted from the final bill.
ALL catering to be done from Olive n Twist.
A 12.5% gratuity will be added to final payment for the serving staff.

Olive ‘n Twist terms and conditions apply.

Cakes / Cupcake’s / Light decor will be allowed onto the premises!
PLEASE NOTE Olive n Twist does NOT allow confetti.

Music & Lighting: Perfect Tone Music - 072 921 6969

Option 1:
Snack Time Platter R355 each (feeds up to 5 people)
- Beef Koftas
- Chicken Fingers
- Mini Pies
- Mini Quiche
- Spring Rolls
- Mini Pizza’s
- With a dipping sauce

Option 2:
Meaty Platter R355 each (feeds up to 5 people)
- Pork Riblettes
- BBQ Chicken Wings
- Samoosas
- Mini Meat Balls
- Checken Skewers
- With a dipping sauce

Option 3: (feeds up to 5 people)
Sandwich Platter R325 each
- A variety of meaty and vegetarian sandwich's on white and brown bread

Option 4: (feeds up to 5 people)
Fruity Platter R355 each
- A selection of skewered fresh fruit served with soft whipped cream

Option 5: (feeds up to 5 people)
Sweet Platter R395 each
- A selection of mini sweets, pastries / Danishes etc

Option 6:
Pizza and pasta buffet R169 (starters included) per person
- Foccaccia and Greek salad served on the tables as a starter
- 3 different pizza’s and 3 different pasta’s and pasta sauces on a buffet for guests to help themselves, eat as much as you want.
- (Pasta and Pizza choices made from the a la carte menu)

Option 7:
Pizza and pasta buffet R155 (NO starters included) per person
- 3 different pizza’s and 3 different pasta’s and pasta sauces on a buffet for guests to help themselves, eat as much as you want.
- (Pasta and Pizza choices made from the a la carte menu)

Option 8: (Prices negotiable on numbers)
Mixed buffet per person R229
- 2x Salads and Rolls (E.G. Greek / Coleslaw - salads can be changed)
- 2x Roast Meats (E.G. Beef / Chicken - meats can be changed)
- Grilled vegetables or cream spinach & roast butternut
- Roast potatoes or rice served with gravy
- 1x Dessert per person (ice cream or Italian kisses etc)

Option 9: (Prices negotiable on numbers)
Set menu per person R265
This is a 3 course meal, starters, mains and desserts
- A choice of 3 starters (E.G. halloumi, livers, snails etc)
- A choice of 3 mains (E.G. rump, hake, chicken schnitzel etc)
- A choice of 3 desserts (E.G. fruit salad, ice-cream, malva pudding etc)
- (The above mentioned items are examples and the ACTUAL dishes can be chosen from our current a la carte menu)

Option 10: (Prices negotiable on numbers)
SPIT BRAAI R255 per person
- Rolls of beef, lamb and pork on the spit or whole lamb
- Baby potatoes and onions
- 2x Salads of your choice (pasta, potato etc)
- Greek salad and seed rolls
- Gas or Coal braai available

Option 11: (Possible for 25 people or more)
Buffet breakfast R94 per person
- Buffet breakfasts are typically English
- (Tea and coffee station available @ R30 per person)

Option 12: (Possible for 25 people or more)
High Tea R125 per person
- Pastry platters (muffins, scones, croissants etc) / mini desserts
- Sandwich Platters
- Tea and coffee station
- Cake of your choice (Carrot, Chocolate, Red Velvet etc)

Option 13:
Tray Options
- Lasagna Tray R800 (feeds 20 people)
- Bolognaise Tray R700 (feeds 20 people)
- Chicken Forno Tray R700 (feeds 20 people)
- Greek Salad Tray R385 (feeds 20 people)

Option 14: (Feeds 25 people or more)
Braai option R195 per person
- Variety of meats x3 as per your request (wors, chicken, beef, burgers, venison skewers etc)
- 2 Salads (Greek salad, Coleslaw, Beetroot etc)
- “pap n sous”
- Rolls
- Dessert (ice cream n choc sauce, brownies, fruit salad etc)
- (Guest to choose meat, salad and dessert choices)

Option 15: (price determined by quantity of people)
Mexican taco Bar
- Mexican Beef Mince and Pulled Chicken
- Hard shell Tacos
- Soft wrap Tacos
- Variety of side ingredients and toppings

Beverage Options:
Juice Jugs R55 each
- Fruit cocktails, mango, orange or strawberry
Corkage R64 per bottle
- Charged on ALL bottles opened on the event day - champagne and wine ONLY
Cash Bar Facility
- Guests of the function can pay for his / her own drinks
Bar Tab
- The party “owner” can supply a limited amount of beverages for his / her guests

Venue Information

Time Slots:
- 8:00am to 12:00pm
- 12:30pm to 4:00pm
- 4:30pm to late
Times negotiated based on the specific area chosen for the function


All menu prices are for food only and exclude beverages and gratuity (a 12.5% gratuity is added to the final bill of parties larger than 20 people).

Combinations of platters and menu items can also be altered if need be.

Prices can be changed according to numbers confirmed before hand.

Olive ‘n Twist Terms and Conditions apply to all functions, we are a fully licensed venue and Right of Admission is Reserved.

Olive n Twist does not allow ANY alcohol onto the premises and bottles will be charged per tot as corkage unless previously arranged with management.

Sound regulations:
Olive n Twist is situated in a residential area, we must strictly abide by the sound restrictions thereof. The use of our inhouse DJ’s, Perfect Tone Music is preferred, but should other DJs be required, Olive n Twist would need their details to make contact prior to event. We allow back round music on the deck or in the gardens from 5pm – 9pm. Dancing MUST be done inside the restaurant at 80 decibels strictly from 9pm – 11:15pm when it must be turned off completely. Unfortunately, these rules are non-negotiable!

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